29 October 2010

Adventures in the Orient

Here you will find the account of my time living and working in China [update] SouthEast Asia (and perhaps later, China).

I have been recently accepted into a certification program for teaching English.  Shortly after the new year I will (DV) be in Cambodia, training for a little over a month, then placed in a teaching position somewhere for about a year.

Eighteen years (approx half my life) ago, before attending college, I spent a 'gap year' in Chiba, Japan teaching English.  That was a formative experience for me in numerous ways.  I came away with, among other things, a knowledge that should I ever want to live and work elsewhere in the world I could likely do so by English teaching.

Presently I find myself in need of more reliable and satisfying employment.  With my schooling and career in academic philosophy on hold, with little current demand for my few sometimes marketable skills, I trust I am pursuing the best available course.

For the past 4 years I've lived in rural Pennsylvania.  The social isolation has not been especially good for me.  Moving back to a city and to one of the most populous regions on earth seems right.